What to Look for in an Educational Evaluation

We always recommend that clients look for an assessment team that includes an educational psychologist as well as a learning specialist.  An educational psychologist has a strong background in how students learn and process information as well as an understanding of the demands of the classroom setting.   The learning specialist has the background in strategies that are most effective for learning as well as experience with the demands of current curriculum and state standards.  We also have an occupational therapist and speech and language therapist available to join in on assessments as needed.  This allows us to provide very thorough information to our clients with a range of needs. 

Our assessments do help pinpoint areas of processing and learning weaknesses, however, we also look at areas of strength.  We have found that by recommending learning strategies that focus on strengths, students become much more engaged and also more confident in addressing gaps in their learning.  A good educational evaluation should provide information on learning strengths and weaknesses, as well as an individualized set of recommendations that fit each client.